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Congresswoman Ellmers believes that life begins at conception and that every life deserves a chance.  She believes that abortion is the unjustified taking of a human life. She feels the entire abortion debate hinges on the single question of when life begins. Unfortunately, some people in our country today doubt the full humanity of an unborn child.  As a mom, Christian, and former nurse, her beliefs have deepened through experience. She has held the hands of newborn infants and the hands of elderly patients in the last moments of their lives. She has been blessed to have had such experiences, and through them she has gained the wisdom of knowing that every life is a precious gift from God and it is not for us to judge its worth, deny its beginning, or determine its end.

 That is why Congresswoman Ellmers will vote to support efforts in Congress to prohibit federal funding of abortions and family planning, experimentation on aborted fetuses, partial-birth abortions, and federal funding for so-called family planning groups that promote abortion.