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Ellmers Reacts to Senate 2-Month Extension Proposal


WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Renee Ellmers released the following statement from her office in Washington this afternoon:

"I was elected to fight for sustainable policies, not a short term ruse. President Obama and Senator Reid are more concerned about their holiday vacations than doing what is right for the American people. I will be staying in Washington as long as it takes to protect the over 160 million Americans from seeing their taxes raised if the Senate fails to act.

Last week we passed a bill here in the House that extends the payroll tax cut for a full year. But instead of passing the House bill, or another bill which extended the payroll credit for a year, the Democrats in the Senate opted for a meager two month extension…that's the definition of uncertainty!

The Senate refuses to do the job they were elected to do and is being irresponsible. They have not even passed a budget in over 950 days and now are kicking the can down the road again by only extending the payroll tax for a mere two months. A two month payroll tax extension is a disgrace. Americans have enough uncertainty with their jobs and homes. Senator Reid is kicking them while they're down with this proposal.

We can do great things and our constituents deserve nothing less. I will not stand by and let political games stand in the way of people's paychecks and livelihood. Failing to succeed is human, but the unwillingness to try is a deficit in courage."

# # #

For more information, please visit Congresswoman Ellmers’ website at www.ellmers.house.gov or call (202) 225-4531.

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Tom Doheny

Press Secretary

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers R-NC-2

Washington, DC