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113th Congress

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce

After being elected to her second term in 2012, Congresswoman Ellmers was appointed to the House Energy and Commerce Committee where she serves on the Health, Communications and Technology, and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittees. She will use these positions to be a powerful voice for her constituents while holding firm to her principles of cutting wasteful spending, rolling back harmful government regulations, and giving small businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to succeed and prosper.

The Republican Women's Policy Committee

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers was elected as Chairwoman of the Republican Women's Policy Committee for the 113th Congress. The Republican Women’s Policy Committee (RWPC) is organized for the purpose of influencing, advancing, leading, and communicating the Republican agenda in the House of Representatives. The goal of RWPC is to highlight the roles, skills, and expertise of Republican women and their positions on the many important issues facing the country. The committee is dedicated to the principles of job creation, less government, lower taxes, regulatory relief, personal responsibility, individual freedoms, and a strong national defense. Through its efforts, the Republican Women’s Policy Committee provides a key platform to raise the profile of women in their roles as Members of Congress, highlight their diverse achievements, and give voice to their unique perspectives on a wide range of issues.

112th Congress

In the 112th Congress, Congresswoman Ellmers sat on House Committees on Agriculture, Foreign Affairs and Small Business, where she chaired the Subcommittee on Health Care and Technology.